Today I joined CBRE’s Innovation Insights monthly webinar hosted by Mike Gedye, Head of Tech, Media and Telecoms. An interesting session to get the day going, here are some key themes:


Innovation is going to be key in driving grown and market share. Business which can scale on the back of technology and software will have a distinct advantage, AI will be a major factor in this. 


Generative AI is coming and it is unavoidable. Finding ways to work with it, within some safeguarding, rather than resisting it, is increasingly seen as the optimal approach. Interesting to note that ChatGPT is looking for new office space in London. Perhaps the next wave of tech occupiers are coming.


No one will have failed to have noticed the heatwaves across the globe. The challenges of climate change and net zero should be at the top of the agenda for those in the real estate industry. I would reflect on how cities and offices are able to cope with increased temperatures and variable weather, and I predict that this will drive yet more demand for Prime office space.


A new way to use drones is to clean the windows of office buildings. Convenient and potentially less disruptive to businesses, but could this be a concern for those in industries of a sensitive nature? More importantly, how long before we see a new ITV show where water spraying drones battle it out for glory? Not long I hope.


...and to finish, something right up my piste. A new cable car has been opened allowing skiers to travel across the Matterhorn, connecting Italy to Switzerland. I'm sure its not a patch on the Dandleway.

Another interesting and inspiring set of insight for the curious.