Last week I ran a LinkedIn poll to ask: If 'Grade A' no longer sufficiently describes the top tier of the office market, what term should we use?

In reverse order:

Best in Class

Third place for Ronseal. With only 19%, I had expected better for the term which is probably used most commonly right now. Perhaps what counted against it was the 'it does what is says on the tin' tone, which is - well - a bit dull.


One for the intellectuals. Was it the fear of grade inflation that meant this only achieved 28%? Would this have done better if I'd thrown "9" into the mix? Are too many of my LinkedIn connections jocks? The answer to all of these questions is no. Must try harder.


Winner! Perhaps it was the glamorous connotations with SVOD or even internet personality publicised energy drinks that won the day. Whatever the reasons, there was a clear preference for this terminology, scoring a stand out 44%.

You heard it here first, the top tier of the office market shall henceforth be known as Prime.

The votes cast were:

  • Best in Class:   19%
  • Prime:   44%
  • A+/A*:   28%
  • Something else:   9%