The UK public sector manages more than 300,000 individual properties, at a combined value of £515bn, which makes it the largest property portfolio in the country – so it is very important that it must lead the way in green matters and set an example to the rest of the industry.  As the built environment contributes up to 42% of the UK's total carbon footprint, the efficient management and decarbonisation of property portfolios is a focal point in the UK's transition to net zero. As the report notes, it is estimated that 80% of the UK's buildings in 2050 are already standing today, so it is essential that the current stock is appropriately addressed, as well as new construction projects.

Therefore in November 2021, the UK Government released its "Net Zero Estate Playbook" which (at 88 pages) is its step-by-step guide to decarbonising government property, building on the work that is already underway across government to make the public estate greener. It provides guidance (a) to support UK Government departments and public sector bodies to transition their estate towards Net Zero and (b) to the Government property professionals on how to approach the design, implementation, and monitoring of a net zero strategy and delivery programme. This guide will be revised over the years as the Government's net zero policy is developed further.

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