Most "roadies" will be well aware of @rapha as a high quality cycling brand but many won't be aware of their physical stores or "Clubhouses" so at a time when good news is a bit thin on the ground in terms of physical retail its exciting to see that the right offering in the right location is still capable of thriving.

Delighted to see Rapha's flagship Clubhouse re-open with a bigger and better offering combining its excellent cafe with a retail offering and experiential space.

While the past 12 months has been a real struggle for many operators for anyone that has tried to buy a bike in the past 6 months you'll have noticed that cycling is clearly one area that is riding the wave right now and the likes of Rapha, Ribble and others clearly still see the benefit in physical space and connecting their brand with their customers / supporters.

So its "Chapeau Rapha".... and here's to the cycling revolution continuing to grow and grow.