Typically, developing and investing in commercial property is a long term game. Developers/ landlords need to know what is on the horizon. At the same time, unquestionably, the pace of change on decarbonisation of the built environment needs to ramp up. 

On this note, the lack of urgency from the Government on certainty around minimum energy efficiency standard ("MEES") regulatory thresholds is unwelcome. EPC C by 2027, EPC B by 2030? Or is it? Are these dates still realistic? 

As the BPF highlights in this article in The Times: "It is more than two years since the consultation closed and commercial landlords are still in the dark". 

The response from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero: We have reviewed the responses to our consultations and are working to ensure any measures remain fair and appropriate for landlords and tenants alike. We will publish our findings in due course.

Not exactly reassuring, especially with a general election approaching...