The current bail-out measures will have to be paid for eventually by us all as taxpayers. There are many questions: when, by whom and how?  I would urge the Chancellor not to increase taxes in the short term - the recovery may be fragile initially.  In fact in the short term there should be incentives which could include: PPE equipment bought by employers being zero rated; and capital expenditure to promote social distancing at work should all be tax deductible in year one - without using up a business's annual investment allowance (AIA). The bail-out measures had to be enacted fast and in a blanket way, but the long term balance of tax incentives for some particularly hard hit sectors (e.g. restaurants, theatres)  versus tax increases for those not so greatly impacted (e.g. internet service providers) should be measured, proportionate and thought through.  We might be "all in it together" now but a nuanced approach is needed going forwards.