Many employers with employees on furlough leave will be starting to think about the future and what will happen at the end of June when the scheme (as currently planned) will come to an end.

It's clear that life as we knew it will not simply resume, and that social distancing (in some form at least) will continue for some time. Whilst businesses may start to re-open, it is likely that this will be gradual and that in some industries (such as hospitality) not all staff will be required to return at once.

To guard against this, some employers are already considering redundancies (especially as, depending on the number of proposed redundancies, employers need to consult with employees and/or their representatives for up to 45 days). 

The news that the Treasury is thinking about extending the furlough scheme to allow employers to furlough staff on a more flexible basis is a welcome development. Let's watch this space...