For what felt like a never-ending amount of time (in reality, probably only a couple of months), a few years ago my children were obsessed with the TV show Wonder Pets. The theme tune was a complete ear-worm "What's going to work? Team work!.. What's going to work? TEAM WORK!"

The [Chancery Lane] Project is a great example of team work in action - with lawyers and legal professionals from multiple firms and disciplines coming together to focus efforts on fighting climate change. Hackathons (or collaborative drafting events, if you prefer) provide the forum to create new drafting solutions to counteract climate change, pushing the boundaries to construct precedents that move away from the status quo. 

My own involvement was with Aatmay's clause (Aatmay is the young son of one of our group - each of the model clauses is named after a child), which provided for the inclusion of sustainable and circular economy principles in lease obligations relating to repair and alterations. These provisions are designed to ensure that landlords and tenants alike maximise the use of reclaimed, recycled and recyclable products and minimise waste and the embedded carbon generated in carrying out works to a property. 

Both Aatmay's clause and the other content generated as part of the hackathon should be published soon. Meanwhile, The [Chancery Lane] Project's Real Estate: Built Environment event series starts on Monday 12 April and will bring together key stakeholders and lawyers to collaborate on drafting further contract clauses to support the built environment’s transition to net zero emissions.