In my recent LinkedIn poll, I asked my contacts what they thought the office would look like in 2025. The results were one sided.

An overwhelming 92% of respondents think that the office will undergo significant changes by 2025. No-one thought that the era of the office was over, with the remaining votes cast in support of the office remaining broadly in its current form.

What is not clear from the poll is how the respondents think the office will change by 2025. I will be moderating a webinar on this very topic tomorrow and I would invite anyone interested in the future of the office to sign up. 

We will be looking at this from the perspective of the occupier, developer, and the investor and considering all of the factors which go into office design, and how Covid, technology and societal changes will affect them.

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The 2025 office: static, evolved or extinct? Tuesday 24 November 2020 at 2pm GMT.

Poll Results:

What do you think offices will look like in 2025?

 Static:  no / minor change        8%    2 votes

Evolved:  significant changes    92%  22 votes

Extinct:  everyone WFH              0%    0 votes