With Lockdown 2.0 almost upon us, those in the hospitality industry will be re-doubling their efforts to diversify their offering and drive footfall in an increasingly challenging environment. One concept is to target the work from home market.

Even before the new lockdown starts, there is an increasing discontent among some of those working from home. With the long summer days now over, the idea of spending a dark, damp winter within the same four walls may start to seem unappealing. 

The challenge of combining home life and work life has got easier with practice, but the novelty of Zoom meetings has long worn off. Young families, shared accommodation or an improvised work space have all resulted in many looking for alternatives.

One such alternative is an initiative called "work from bars", where venues augment their traditional trade with home workers looking for a change of scene. The draw of good wifi, food and drink on demand, and some atmosphere may be appealing to those ready to break their routine. Hotels , gyms and flexible office space providers are also looking to capitalise on this trend, with a day pass to use their facilities being introduced by some as a direct response to this new potential market. 

Can this new initiative survive a second lockdown or will further confinement actually prove to be the catalyst to make working from hospitality venues part of the new normal?