In case you've finished Last Dance and are looking for something new to stream, there has been some welcome news. The green light has been given for the UK's film and TV industry to start shooting again, but don't give a standing ovation just yet, there is a problem.

Most production companies will require insurance to cover the production against risks, such as injuries to actors or theft of rented props. One risk for which cover will not be available is Covid-19. 

If the cast or crew get an infection and production is delayed, no cover will be available. The cost would then need to be picked up by the production and its financiers. Most UK independent films are usually backed by one of the domestic broadcasters or multiple financiers, who are unlikely to want to take the risk on what could be a multi-million pound liability. Therefore these productions may not go ahead. 

Will the government step in and underwrite any claims? It wouldn't be the first time. Those of us in the property industry will be aware of what happened in 1993 (i'm not talking about Michael Jordan) and how this led to the Pool Re scheme, where the government underwrote terrorism insurance. 

Could a similar policy be employed here? The French government have recently launched a scheme and will be keen to attract some the UK's £3.6 billion industry. The spotlight is now on the British government.

EDIT: on 28 July 2020 the UK Government announced a new £500 million scheme to underwrite production insurance for domestic TV and films.