Last week we saw some excellent coverage on the UK BTR sector, and in particular, how the current circumstances present a great opportunity. As Jennifer Murray of Homes England said in a Bisnow webinar, this could be the "sector's moment to make its case". See this excellent summary of the webinar here. This Property Week interview with Rick de Blaby, Chief Executive of Get Living, is also worth a read. 

There has been plenty of discussion around income resilience. Get Living collected 95% of rent in February, March and April. Grainger collected 94% of rent in April. It is impressive recovery, particularly when you contrast with the other end of the spectrum e.g. Hammerson recovering 37% of rent in March. 

However, whilst the office/ retail/ leisure etc sectors face a day of reckoning on 24 June, in a parallel, the BTR sector will soon have to face up to the end of furlough. Will the income resilience shine through? It will make interesting viewing. 

One thing is for certain. BTL landlords have not always garnered the best reputation (many will speak from their own experience, the author included). BTR operators, now more than ever, have a chance to shine as responsible, professional landlords. There might be some choppy times ahead, but surely the actions now of BTR operators could really shift perceptions and accelerate how the sector matures in the UK? As Mike Phillips writes in Bisnow: "Now is a time when all of the promises made by BTR...are being rigorously tested. So far, the test is being passed". Will that continue?