Possibly this will be the immediate reaction of many law firms and other businesses caught between the lure of saving cash on costly premises and concerns about being able to offer a safe working environment for their staff.  

With a stable and more established work force, home working might work well.  However, with new trainees each year and a duty to train them, we need to consider carefully how we integrate and effectively supervise, teach and develop new members in our teams on "seat" rotations every 4/6 months.  

Providing office equipment to trainees and other junior members of staff who perhaps rent only a small bedroom in a shared house that doesn't have space for a chair, let alone a desk, may not create a long term suitable working environment.  

Many such people may have moved back temporarily to Mum and Dad's home, but may not want to feel like a dependent child permanently, and (along with many more senior members of staff) are desperately missing the conviviality of going to work and socialising afterwards.